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Make you own Egg cup Vase

Today we have made little eggshell vases. This a a really easy and cute use of any left over eggshells you might have. They look really pretty on your table for Easter dinner.   To make Eggshell vases you will need. – Eggshells -Paint of your choice -Washi tape…..but this is not essential -A strip…

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Make your own hanging Butterfly.

At this very strange time we’ve decided to change our focus a bit and make Memelou all about trying to support families and think of creative and fun things to do. Today we are going to make a hanging Butterfly using things you might have at home already. You can hang them in your windows…

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Stay true to yourself.

                      I am constantly saying to people “Stay true to yourself” I firmly believe this and that’s why I bang on about it all the time. I remember from a very young age that I didn’t want to be like everyone else. I think I…

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