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Make you own Egg cup Vase

Today we have made little eggshell vases. This a a really easy and cute use of any left over eggshells you might have. They look really pretty on your table for Easter dinner.


To make Eggshell vases you will need.

– Eggshells

-Paint of your choice

-Washi tape…..but this is not essential

-A strip of paper or card

-a paintbrush


-Eggcup, not essential

-Sticky tape

-Some tiny flowers. You could use daisy, dandelions, anything!



Paint the whole of your egg with one colour first. This acts as a base.



If it’s too tricky to hold place this egg in a egg cup and paint in sections. It’s also handy to leave the eggshell in the egg cup to dry. Decorate your eggshell with a many colours as you want. We wanted a plain colour for our table so have kept it a simple pink.


Step 2

Get a bunch of tiny flowers from your garden or on a walk you go on. Make sure you wash your hands after!


Step 3

Grab your washiest tape and stick it round the top of your egg. Don’t worry if you don’t. Sometimes a raw edge can look just as pretty.


If you use washiest tape your egg should look a bit like this.

Step 4

Get your strip of card or paper and stick your washi tape to it. If you don’t have washiest tape don’t panic. You can either paint your card or colour in with felt tip pens. It’s up to you. Make sure your strip is about 1.5cm thick.



Step 5

Roll your strip of card or paper into a circle shape to make a stand. Your egg should fit nicely inside. Cut of any excess and secure the end with sticky tape.


Step 6

Put a little water inside your egg and then add your flowers. Place your egg on your stand and voila your done! You can make as many as you like. They will look so pretty on your Easter table. Have a lovely Easter. Love Team Memelou xxx