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Make your own hanging Butterfly.

At this very strange time we’ve decided to change our focus a bit and make Memelou all about trying to support families and think of creative and fun things to do. Today we are going to make a hanging Butterfly using things you might have at home already. You can hang them in your windows to cheer people up. It’s really easy.

Above is my butterfly and the one in the corner is by my son and he loved doing this. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Just have lots of fun with it. What you will need to make your Butterfly is:

-A toilet roll

-Paper or pen

– A pencil

– Paint in the colours of your choice

– Glue (any will do) or Sticky tape


-String or anything you can find in your house that is similar

-Any extra decorations you wish to put on. Sequins, pompoms


Step 1

Paint your toilet roll in a colour of your choice or even multiple colours if you prefer! Once you’ve painted the whole thing. Set aside and leave to dry.

Step 2

Get your piece of paper and fold it in half. Place your thumb near the fold (this will be the antenna ) and draw round it with a pencil. When you get to the rest of your fingers just draw over the tops (as the picture) so it looks like a wing.

Step 3

Cut around the outline you drew of your hand. When you unfold the piece of paper you should have a pair of wings!

Step 4

Paint the background colour of your wings first. Then pick another colour and put dots on one side of your wings.

Step 5

Press your wing without dots against the dotted wing for a second then pull apart. The pattern will have transferred on to the plain wing. Butterflies have the same pattern on both wings so that’s why we do this. Leave the wings to dry.

Step 6

Put glue down the middle of the butterfly’s paper wings (down the middle of the fold) and stick to the toilet roll (The Butterfly’s body) and decorate your butterfly body and wings with any extra decorations if you have them or want to put them on. Leave too dry.

Step 7

To add eyes to your butterfly you can stick pompoms/sequins on or draw them on with pen or pencil.


Step 8

Make a hole using a pencil. Mum and Dad you can help with this.

Step 9

Thread  rope or string through the hole you made and tie in a knot.

Step 10

Hang your Butterfly in your window to compliment your rainbows. It will definitely make people smile. 🙂