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Stay true to yourself.












I am constantly saying to people “Stay true to yourself” I firmly believe this and that’s why I bang on about it all the time.

I remember from a very young age that I didn’t want to be like everyone else. I think I was 4 or 5 years old when we were told to make an Orange out of clay at school. The teacher put an orange in the middle of the table, gave us a lump of clay and left us to it. I can remember looking at all the other boys and girls making large round balls and putting little dots over it to replicate the oranges skin texture and thinking how can I make this different? I don’t want it to look the same as everyone else’s. I realised it doesn’t have to look like a normal orange and did what felt natural.  I made the orange have long curly branches that looked like the orange had long curly hair. It was fab! When The whole classes oranges were displayed in the school hall, I was so proud that mine looked nothing like anyone else’s. I actually remember that feeling. Other children were laughing at it but I didn’t give a monkeys!

I like being different. I’m different. My personality is probably what you would call slightly weird and I like that. I think when you create art or design something it’s important to stay true to yourself and create in a way they makes you happy. Not in a way that you think you should create. In the past and even now occasionally I have been told how I should design and perhaps if I changed my look I would sell more work. I’m not going to ever do that because this is how I want to design and create art. If I’m never going to be a millionaire that’s fine. I know I design with integrity.

My brand of greeting cards Memelou is inspired by people in my life, colours and things that I like. I like simple design but I also like it to be fun and a bit wacky. That doesn’t make much sense but it doesn’t have to. The basics of what I saying is always stay true to yourself. Don’t conform just because it sells more etc because that won’t make you happy. Be a crazy Orange because it’s much more fun being different.

xoxo Michelle