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I’m am a very spontaneous person and it drives Mr G mad as I end up talking to him about what I’ve done and he usually has to fix it! I hate missing out and I often think if I don’t act now I’ll regret it later. I book trains to London, book random business trips which he can’t go to…….he goes mad. I say yes to everything. Which reminds me I need to cancel some train tickets as we speak….ooops! In the past I really ran my business like this-it doesn’t work.

I love being spontaneous and I find we can’t be as spontaneous as we once were now we have kids. I get excited really easily and want to do everything now. In the last year I’ve really learned to calm down a bit, take a step back and really think about what I’m doing and this applies to my business too. Often I’ve just been impulsively doing things without really thinking about why or what I’ve been doing. Now that I’m taking breath before I act, I’m finding that I’m really learning new things and am actually doing things properly.

Not a lot of you will know this but last year I actually nearly gave up on Memelou. It wasn’t moving in the direction I wanted and I didn’t know where I was going with it. I was making mistake after mistake and I thought I was the only one who knew how to run it. I listened to no one. After exhibiting at harrogate last year I realised what a fool I had been thinking that I could keep doing things the way I had been. I completely crumbled and I cried for days after the show. I thought thats it. Its time to quit. I don’t know what I’m doing. Again Mr G fixed everything.

Memelou is having a bit of a re gig and a lot of new ranges are about to be launched. We have grown up a bit and I think the new ranges will show that. I’ve took my time over them and really thought about them. Normally I rush them through and then cry when they don’t work. I’m nervous, excited but the most important thing is I’ve learned to stop and listen to the advice of others. I feel I’ve grown so much in this last year as a business woman. I mainly have Mr G to thank for that for telling me to stop being so hasty and just think more.

So we will be at Harrogate again this year with a new look and a whole lot wiser.

P.s I’m still spontaneous…….in the right situations