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The “Tired” working Mum…..

FullSizeRender2Today I am writing my blog with slits for eyes! I’m so tired. I’m sure thats all I ever say to people when they ask how I am. Well I am bloody tired and I want you to know all about it haha!

As I mentioned last week I’m back at work and even though its part time, It’s a real struggle at times and I’m only on week 2! I love my little munchkins dearly but the lack of sleep is brutal, especially when I have to work. Oliver has nightmares on a nightly basis and Austin is 10 months old so I’ll let you work that one out 😉




The boys were at my beautiful godsons birthday party on Sunday and they were given balloons shaped like animals. Well I am so tired ( I don’t think I’ve mentioned this enough yet) that I have screamed at least 10 times when I’ve seen the cow balloon as I keep thinking its a cat that has sneaked in our house………the worst thing is I know it is in the kitchen but still forget it is there hehe! Ahhhh


The cow balloon “Scream”

This morning mainly consisted of Austin hanging off my legs crying or wanting up and  Oliver just wants to eat so he has had about 7 breakfasts this morning. Meanwhile I have had nothing but coffee, dropped them off to childcare in my most ugliest of clothing as ran out of time to get myself ready and I am sporting a rather unsightly pineapple hairdo. It’s a good job I work from home most days isn’t it?

I know it will get easier as I get used to it, plan the night before better and get more sleep but for now I will keep trying to design with fuzzy eyes, a fuzzy head and crazy hair dos!

Have a great week peeps.



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