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Archive for August 2016

Inspiration…….Cactus love

I Love a cactus. I really do. When I was 16 I used to work in B&Q and with my wages I would buy any cute ones they had in the indoor plant section. I think the people that worked there thought I was mad but I didn’t care. They were a thing of beauty.…

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The “Tired” working Mum…..

Today I am writing my blog with slits for eyes! I’m so tired. I’m sure thats all I ever say to people when they ask how I am. Well I am bloody tired and I want you to know all about it haha! As I mentioned last week I’m back at work and even though…

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……..I’m back!

Well, after 10 months of being off with baby Austin, I’m officially back at work. I’ll be honest, even though I have really enjoyed being on maternity leave I am really excited to be back at work. I love being creative and having 2 little tots around all day everyday makes that very difficult so…

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